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Action Learning Centres is a recognised ABC Awards Centre.


ABC Awards aim for learners to cultivate the relevant skills to progress learners into further learning and/or employment. With over 1,500 units a wide range of industries our unit bank allows flexibilitiy to tailor programmed to suit the learner's needs.


The qualifications consist of a range of core units to provide opportunities for learners to develop  skills in the areas such as literacy, numeracy, ICT, employability,  learning to learn and personal development; plus a range of taster units  in different sector specific areas providing opportunities for learners  to test out their abilities and personal preferences before selecting a  chosen career or employment route.


These qualifications will be of particular benefit to those learners who:

  • want to progress into other further or higher education courses, or into new work area
  • are returning, or planning to return, to work and who are seeking to update and/or add to their employment skills
  • would benefit from alternative approaches to curriculum and learning
  • want to test out a vocational area to inform their career/employment choices
  • for whatever reason, have not previously achieved in education
  • need to develop their literacy and/or numeracy skills.


The qualifications allow learners to achieve the size and level of  qualification most suitable for their needs and relevant to their stage  of learning, ABC Awards can be offered from Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3 (equivalent to Entry Level Functional Skills & Foundation Learning), Level 1 (equivalent GCSE grades D-G), Level 2 (equivalent GCSE grades A*-C).


If you would like further information on any of the above subjects or the Gateway Progression Awards please click here.