Our exclusive facility comprises of 6 fully equipped workshops including:

  • Woodwork - students can make a whole range of different things in here! Last year we completed building animal pens, routing, Bee hives, rabbit hutches, fencing, tables, chairs, wooden clocks, planters, trugs to name a few!


  • Motor Mechanics (this also includes bikes) - there is a huge range of things that we cover in Mechanics! From checking and maintaining fluid levels, to checking tyres and pressures. Learning how to valet a car properly, wheel alignment, basic functions of engines, stripping and rebuilding gearboxes and engines. Our resident mechanic is also a brilliant person to fix things and we have a whole range of home gadgets brought in by the students for them to fix and work on! We also have a safe bike club whereby students can bring in their own bicycles and respray and fix them. 


  • Multiskilled construction (painting and decorating, plastering, tiling, basic electrics and basic plumbing) Our construction and woodwork tutor has been in the trade for years! As well as working on site, he has also supervised and managed big building sites up and down the country. If it is a particular trade you are interested in or would like more knowledge on a range of trades Stuart covers all of the above!


  • Animal care (pigs, goats, ducks and chikens, rabbits and guinea pigs) We love animals here at Action Learning and it also makes up part of our therapuetic work which any student can access. Students learn how to handle the animals correctly, how to look after them, spend time grooming them and giving them healthchecks. They also learn about animal nutrition and food mixing. We currently have two goats Betty and Frank, two pigs Flo and Fifi, rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs. 


  • Brickwork (all aspects of bricklaying and blockwork) Blockwork and Brickwork also makes up part of our qualifications. Students learn how to build brick walls using onsite methods. Students also assist in building any outbuildings and also blockwork!


  • Arts and Crafts Art and Crafts is one of our newest editions to Action Learning Centres. Students can make a range of different treasures and trinkets in here, and they are all themed around the time of year. Students also make things for the public to buy. Items include candle holders, personalised signs, personalised clocks, Xmas and Easter decorations and so much more! 


  • Horticulture Students can learn to understand about different crops and plants, learn to plant seeds and grow their own vegetables. We have a polytunnel and students are responsible for the vegetable patches. They also create flower arrangements!