At Action Learning we have experience of working and supporting groups with special needs. In conjunction with our knowledge and experience, our staff also undertake training in all the following areas:

  • Restraint
  • ADHD awareness
  • Autism awareness
  • Coping with challenging situations 

We passionately adapt our learning experiences, and any qualifications, to meet the individual needs of EACH of our students, rather than expect our students to fit in with any learning programmes or experiences we offer.


Exposing individuals to a range of learning opportunities in a calm and controlled manner allows them to reach their full potential, by overcoming fears and anxiety in small, manageable, steps. These 'changes' can happen in a number of areas, such as increased social interaction with their peers and other individuals, and /or undertaking activities which previously, they had either been 'unwilling' or unable to do. 


We celebrate the smallest of milestones, with each individuals student, with our ethos of "every child really does matter"!!


As well as all the qualifications and diversity that we offer, we also work extensivley with outside agencies to ensure each learner has a variety of activities. These encourage confidence, self esteem and social skills.